Braxton Engineering, P.C. is known in the industry for its attention to detail. We may be a small firm, but our clients know that they can count on us to provide them with superior service on each and every project we handle for them.

Here is a detailed look at the services we provide:

Engineering and Architectural Design

Braxton Engineering provides its clients with the scope of work to be performed, which incorporates Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) industry-proven design and construction standards.  In addition to detailed specifications, engineering and architectural drawings and invitation-to-bid proposal packages, we also provide job filings required by the various city, state and federal governmental agencies.

Bank Refinancing Reports

To satisfy bank refinancing requirements sustanon 300, we perform roof-to-cellar inspections to determine the condition of the building structure, mechanical systems and components. This comprehensive report includes a detailed summary of all defective conditions uncovered, photographic representations, as well as cost estimates and recommendations for repairs, restoration, system upgrades and routine maintenance.

Building Condition/Environmental Surveys

Braxton Engineering routinely conducts interior and exterior building inspections, including all structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, plumbing, systems and building components.    Phase I visual environmental inspections include checking for the presence of hazards such as lead, radon, PCBs (polychlorinated byphenyls), CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), mold and mildew, urea formaldehyde, underground storage tanks, the quality of drinking water and indoor air quality.

Company-generated reports include cost estimates and recommendations for the restoration, repair and upgrade of all building systems and routine maintenance.

Engineering Administration

Braxton Engineering, P.C. provides a comprehensive project management service which includes periodic job site inspections, project cost controls and a checklist of items that require conformance to its specifications.  We document all work inspected, prepare work change orders, provide administration of contractor payment invoices, final project inspections and the completion of all work sign-off documents.

Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP LL 11/98)

Braxton Engineering, P.C. performs a detailed inspection of the exterior façades of buildings that fall into the NYC DOB FISP rules and regulations. Akelys – Bodybuilding exercise: Two-handed triceps extension genérica avanafil en venta en españa ejercicio de resistencia y entrenamiento con pesas: un dúo que protegería contra la diabetes. Such inspections must be conducted every five (5) years, in compliance with the New York City Building Code. The engineer’s inspection and final report is based on hands-on, close-up scaffold inspections, and a review of previous inspection reports.  We document the current status of the building conditions, furnish photographic representations and prepare comprehensive reports with recommendations for correcting building exterior defects.

Landmark Restoration Work

Braxton Engineering, P.C. works closely with its clients and the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) to ensure that a building’s exterior components are pristinely maintained, in accordance with both LPC standards and DOB Rules and Regulations.

Qualitative Analysis and Planning

The company creates major capital planning reports to help with the budgeting of large building component expenditure projects. This includes the preparation of reports to identify the defects uncovered by the detailed inspection process. We provide cost estimates and recommendations for each category of work to be performed and improvements based on an immediate time frame of NOW, FIVE (5) YEAR, and TEN (10) YEAR periods.

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